WAVE Project

The High-performance-Computing (HPC) Initiative of the Horizon 2020 strategy of the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) is now funding the development of the "WAVE - HPC-Toolbox". TEEC will use the wavefield simulator of WAVE for the very computational expensive Full Waveform Inversion and Reverse Time Migration algorithm to enhance seismic imaging. The aim is to enhance scalability and usability of such applications on heterogeneous and high-performance cluster systems. The know-how transfer from participating HPC groups has great potential for savings in developing and maintaining HPC algorithm at TEEC.

Diffraction Tomography

A joined initiative of University of Hamburg and TEEC will investigate the use of scattered seismic energy to determine seismic propagation velocities using a novel waveform tomography approach. The research funded by BMWI can open a new field of very cost-effective high-resolution seismic exploration, which could be utilized for shallow-marine targets of geomechanical and geological investigations, e.g. in cable/pipeline routing, windfarm planning and observation, as well as for classic offshore and onshore exploration.